JOHNNY PUSATERI - My confessio Track 976 of 1055
The fastest and most direct way to reflect my life can be heard through this jukebox. Please play selection 0500, it is a true song reflecting me today! this may be my last musical endeavor, and it is far from complete at this point, more songs and added features to come. I am a proud owner of four node radios for amateur use and I am not into recording any longer! I can be found at the 2 meter, 440, and 70 centimeter amateur radio frequencies, simply straight talking live? HI! HI! amateur radio call.

73's and God Bless

Sorry to all Apple people but the jukebox is not currently compatible with Apple's iOS. Work is being done and that will be coming in the next major upgrade.

0179 : A Lot Of Things Different - K0178 : A LOVERS QUESTION0994 : A Memory Like I'm Gonna To Be0180 : A NEW HEARTACHE0181 : A PICTURE OF ME WITHOUT YOU0995 : A Poor Man's Roses0182 : A RAMBLIN MAN0011 : A REAL GOOD MAN0049 : A WORK IN PROGRESS0010 : ABALLINE0183 : ABOVE THE CALL OF LOVE0174 : ACT NATURELY0184 : AFTER THE FIRE IS GONE0205 : Ain't No Getting Over Me - K N0103 : ALCHOHO20940 : ALICIA PIPES - Break Down Here0941 : ALICIA PIPES - Come To My Wind0942 : ALICIA PIPES - Down In Mississ0943 : ALICIA PIPES - Lead Me Not0944 : ALICIA PIPES - Shut Up And Dri0945 : ALICIA PIPES - Sweet Dreams0946 : ALICIA PIPES - There Will Come0947 : ALICIA PIPES - Wrong Side Of M0948 : ALICIA PIPES - You Can Sleep W0949 : ALICIA PIPES - You're No Good0950 : ALICIA PIPES- Fancy0951 : ALICIA PIPES- Help Me Make It0952 : ALISIA PIPES - A Poor Man's Ro0185 : ALL AMERICAN BOY0186 : ALL I HAVE TO OFFER YOU IS ME0187 : ALL MY EX'S0953 : All These Years0188 : ALLIGANEY MOON0025 : ALMOST HOME0189 : ALPHABET SONG0076 : ALRIGHT TO BE A REDNECK0033 : ALWAYS LATE0190 : ALWAYS LATE WITH YOUR KISSES0077 : ALWAYS ME0017 : ALWAYS ON MY MIND0191 : AM I LOSEING YOU0161 : AMANDA0206 : Amanda - K @ New RMS Doctor0207 : Amarillo By Morning - K @ N RM0040 : AMEN0192 : AMERICAN MADE0193 : AMERICAN TRILOGY0194 : AMERILLO BY MORNING0195 : AMORE0196 : AMUNG MY SUVINERES0197 : AND I LOVE YOU SO0198 : ANGEL FLYING TOO CLOSE TO THE0199 : ANNOTHER GOOD REASON NOT TO DR0200 : ANOTHER GOOD REASON NOT TO DRI0050 : ANYBODY GOING TO SAN ANTONE0201 : ANYTHING YOU WANT1041 : Apache - (Instrumental) New RM0202 : APRIL LOVE0203 : ARE YOU SINCEAR0204 : AS SOON AS I PICKED UP THE PHO0002 : AUSTIN0057 : AUTUM LEAVES
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